1. Community >

We believe in participatory projects - and we support any kind of endeavour striving for making cities better places. We are looking for initiatives where the “community” plays a central role. It can be a group of citizens involved in the renovation of a public square, a team of experts joining forces to promote an innovative concept, an institution or an association that intends to develop new ideas.

2.  Not scale but impact >

This call for submissions is open to all projects with a direct impact on the social and urban environment in the broadest sense of the word: a small scale intervention in the urban context, such as the reactivation of an abandoned or unused space in the city where you live; an ephemeral installation; the construction of new facilities in developing countries; or the realisation of a workshop. What matters is not the scale of the project, but its impact on the environment and the community.

3.  Urgencies >

Architects, experts, communities of citizens and multidisciplinary groups are trying to find solutions to global urgencies. If you think your project addresses urgent issues, such as social, political or, economic necessities, send us your submission.

4. Time – Power >

If you need professionals from other disciplines to help you developing your idea, join this call. The community of experts that supports Time for Impact will be able to join forces and contribute to other projects, by pledging time and expertise. How many hours of work would you need to improve your project? In order to determine the best way to support your project, during the submission process you will be asked to choose one of the following categories:

Please select what kind of needs your initiative has in terms of time, to give us a better indication of your initiative's range.


Punctual interventions, conferences, talks, interviews, etc.


Knowledge of one or more different developing stages, reviews and feedback, etc.


Constant presence during the whole design process, local presence active interventions, etc.

Your choice will give us a better indication about the kind of initiative you would like to develop.