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Building 1000 rainwater harvesting systems in city

Water is one of the most critical resources on earth and there is growing evidence of water scarcity as well as water flooding throughout the world. Besides climate change the most important reason is water mismanagement by humanity. The agenda is to eradicate the problems of water scarcity and water logging (and associated troubles like road damage, traffic congestion, frustration, fuel and time wastage) in the city Faridabad by building 1000 rainwater harvesting projects through people empowerment and participation in volunteer work and crowd funding. Due to almost absence of storm water drainage line in the city, the key idea is decentralized storm water management by building rainwater harvesting systems at community and park level at critical water logging locations throughout the city. We have also arranged 50% funding through external sources. First challenge is to survey the city below and above grounds to identify appropriate locations, then to identify the suitable water harvesting models, people engagement plan, materials, technologies, design, drawings, bill of quantities, estimates, Govt. approvals, construction management and coordination, and maintenance plan. There is also possibility of associated projects like restoration of rural and urban water bodies and building small check dams in nearby Aravali forest areas.


Great initiative, about a more than ever crucial challenge!

Building 1000 rainwater harvesting systems in city


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Architecture & urban planning

Environment & resources management

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Architects & urban planners


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Community engagement & collaboration

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Great initiative, about a more than ever crucial challenge!