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Piano D urban renewal project for Doganella neighbourhood

Doganella is a residential district of council housing in Carrara a city in the north of Tuscany Region. It was planned and realized between 1930 and 1950 by the construction of the first residential buildings alongside Viale XX Settembre, the main street of transport between the seaside with the Carrara historic city centre. During the sixties, new buildings have been realized till to occupy all the area. The effect was the creation of an “inside” and an “outside” of Doganella district. Inside the district’s area there is a little school building unused, green public areas and parking. In the last decades the lack of economical resources and the poor maintenance of buildings caused a partial state of neglect and a general state of discontent by the inhabitants.

GAMS want to begin with citizens a process of re-appropriation of the shared spaces by the activation of a participatory process so that they them selves, helped by experts, become actors of changing and producers of renovation for the neighborhood, fighting against the state of abandon. Cooperate together from the settlement of playgrounds to the reuse of shared use buildings and by the involvement in public initiatives of leisure and collaboration for a better life quality.


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Piano D urban renewal project for Doganella neighbourhood


Associated fields:

Architecture & urban planning

Involved experts:

Architects & urban planners

Citizen & self organised communities

Required experts:

Community engagement & collaboration

Content & research support

Communication strategy

Manual labour

Current phase:



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