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DB Technical College - The Workshop Project

Vision and plans for the strategic masterplanning of the new DB Technical College in Hwange, Zimbabwe.

The objectives of the project are to improve living and socio-economic conditions of marginalized and vulnerable young people in Zimbabwe, including drop out students and to offer young people at risk Tertiary Education Skills with which they will be able to improve their life and to hope for better future.

How? Investing in people, education, knowledge and skills, employment and social cohesion and empowerments for better livelihoods.

The project’s goals are to impact in particular the three Districts of Hwange, Gokwe and Bulawayo and cover the entire Matabeleland North Province, in North-Western Zimbabwe, yet it will be opened to all 10 Provinces of Zimbabwe.

The proposed intervention will also, and foremost, assist the Government of Zimbabwe, especially in the Matabeleland Region, to achieve universal and equitable access to quality basic education, life skills, technical and vocational education for all.

Highly dependent on the outcome of the fundraising campaign and the sum of funds available in the near future, the aim of the stakeholders and players involved in the future DBTC is to open the operations of the school for the 2017-2018 academic year.


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DB Technical College - The Workshop Project


Associated fields:

Architecture & urban planning


Involved experts:

Architects & urban planners


Economists & business strategists

Environment experts

Required experts:

Technical advice

Communication strategy

Economic review

Current phase:



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